In my life my Definition For Friend ship is :::::::::::




E- Encourage/enthusiastic


 D- Darling/ dearest

 A friend Should Help his frnd in all difficulties. If any problem arises they should solve it together with out including the 3 rd person . He/ She Should not believe others blindly. Any thing Wrong 1st should consider  & correct it. Frndz Are to gain  not to loose

Friend For Me Is as Follows:::—–

α :αLWαYS ƒUииYь :ьєαUTιƒUL ρєяSOиαLιTYс :сOммOи ιиTєяєSTSd :dєLιGHTƒULLY єиTєяTαιиιиGє :єLєGαисєƒ :ƒαSHιOиαьLєG :GOOd TαSTєH :HαρρY TιмєS TOGєTHєяι :ιиTєLLιGєиT ρєяSOиJ :JOLLY LαUGHTєяK :Kιиd HєαяTєdL :LιSTєиS WєLLм :мαKєS JOKєSи :иєVєя мєαи Oя сяUєLO :OяιGιиαLρ :ρєOρLє ρєяSOиQ :QUαLιTY Tιмєя :яєαL ρєяSOиS :SєсяєT KєєρєяT :Tєяяιƒιс SєиSє Oƒ HUмOUяU :UиdєяSTαиdιиGV :VєяY SρєсιαLW :WOяKS HαяdX :XсιTιиG ρєяSOиY :YOU αяє THє ьєSTZ :ZєяO ƒLαWSƒяιєиdSHιρ JUST ƒOя U:-***JOY******LOVє******HOρє******ƒαιTH******ρєαсє******HєαLTH******SUссєSS******ƒяιєиdSHιρ******ρяOSρєяιTY***”THιS SWєєT WOяdS ƒOя α

SWєєT ƒяιєиdS”

F- Few
I- In
” “THAT’S MA SELF..!! ”


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