Today I was Just looking out some thing that I ‘ve  already heard all these  in  my college days. When i was in Roratact & NSS(National Service Scheme ), we used to do all these thing. After listening we can feel peace, & can be happy in our future endevour :—–

So, dear friends I would like to share these with you—–


 A life of meaning

can be lived only by

those who truly

understand the

meaning of life!

 A sense of purpose is

something that you

are. At an appropriate

time in your life, it will

manifest. It will

surface. You will

discover it.

You are the creator of your thoughts. Therefore, in some metaphysical way, you are the

creator of your life toooo………. So , Guys Remember one thing that

Every Thought Of Yours Is A Real Thing _ A Force

• Everything that’s coming into your

life you are attracting into your


• And it’s attracted to you by virtue

of the images you’re holding in

your mind.

• It’s what you’re thinking.

Transform to Perform: ‘The Self’

• Whatever is going on in your

mind you are attracting to you.

• Your thoughts become the things,

that is, what you visualize is what


• Change your thoughts, and you

will change your life

What Affects ‘Right Thinking’:

I, Me, Mine…EGO!

• We are so caught up in the rat race, that we don’t know where we are going.

Transform to Perform: ‘The Self’

• We don’t even know if we are coming or going.

• We must wake up to the reality that we are on a treadmill, we run, run, run, to

stay in the same place.

• Running a rat race, will not make us cats!!!

 Just  I would like to sya that Change the way you think, and you will change your life………


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