Hello All,
 u beautiful people out there !

 Please DO Read With Feelings & expressions

Today I would like to tell about My self!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No one can predict me…….? Its taken 25 yrs for me to know myself and i m still not thru wid it so 25 words or lines won’t be enough to describe me and as it is truly said that understanding women is next to impossible ,  its true, still waiting that  men has to understand women in any cause.??????????????????

I am what I am!
I am not what others
Think me to be…
But I am what I think
Myself to be!!!!!!!
I am not what
Mere words describe…
But I am what
Silence speaks aloud!

 You Know Guys I was FRIENDS ki fans in our group!!!!!!!

I m very simple, fun loving , friendly gal….want to live life with full happiness.. at fullest..
I strongly believe….. live in moment…..face watever come in d path of life…..with full strength..
give ur 100% watever u do…. then never care about results..Bcoz they will definitely be in ur favour..
I  love arguing a lot……n discussion too…simplicity is one which i always follow..n i always avoid complexity..in life.i never feel bad 4 failures..Bcoz they give me strength..to do better..n d best..
…hope is one think..which i never loose…I just want to be fair to everyone..Because At the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.

My frnds……d biggest earning of my life..
Family…..my biggest strength…
I m very emotional n caring……when it comes to my family n frnds….
I Have Some Dreams, they are as follows:———-
  • I Dream of Life without Pain.
  • I Dream of Love That I Can’t Explain.
  • I Dream of a soul without Fears.
  • I Dream of Eyes not plagued by tears.
  • I Dream of a pure unbroken Heart.
  • I Dream of a Hope of Never Growing Apart.
  • I Dream  of  the smile on your face.
  • I Dream of Better Place.
  • I Dreams of the things  I could never do.
  • I Dream of a Dream of a Dream World………………………. Which Should Never End????

So, That’s All for Today…………. Have a great & a Great Nite —- GOOD NIGHT


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