***Friend Ship***

Friendship is an important aspect of the human experience and is in many ways essential to a persons emotional health. There are many traits that a person must embody to be considered a good friend. A good friend can last a lifetime.

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I believe that a friend is like an Ice-cream Enjoy it before it Melts. This is the reason we rely on friends so much and don’t stop to think about life without them. Some times I think ,What is it that makes a good friend? In my opinion, the three most important qualities are loyalty, a sense of humor, and being a good listener.

One of the basic needs of people is to know that they are not alone. A loyal friend is always there when you need him. A friend supports you in times of trouble. However, just spending time with someone is not all there is to friendship. Good relationships are based on good communication in there kind, honest, loyal, respectful, etc. A good friend should treat friends the way he/she wants to be treated. He/she must keep & know how to keep promises. He/she must listen when a friend is talking. He/she must know how to share. He/she must be considerate.

Qualities of Good Friend:-

  • A good friend is honest and trustworthy
  • A good friend lets you be yourself and doesn’t try to change you or change to be liked by you
  • A good friend shows they care
  • A good friend never would let you do something that would hurt you
  • A good friend calls you just to say hi or see how you are
  • A good friend is genuinely interested and involved in your life
  • A good friend can tell if you’re happy or not happy without you saying a word
  • A good friend sticks with you through the terrible-horrible parts of life
  • A good friend makes time for you even if they don’t have a lot of time
  • A good friend has enough dirt on you to blackmail you for life – but keeps his or her mouth shut
  • A good friend can forgive you when you make a mistake or screw up
  • A good friend never takes more from you than they can give back
  • A good friend is respectful towards you and every other person in your life, whether they like them or not.

Being a good listener is essential to be a good friend. if your friends feel as if you are not listening or have no interest in their lives they will not confide in you. Without the ability to listen your friendships will be superficial. Being compassionate is important quality in a good friend. Being able to sympathize regardless of weather or not you agree or disagree makes you the go to person in a crisis. Not enough can be said for loyalty in a friendship. A good friend should not steal your exes, talk behind your back or betray you in any way. Trust is another quality that is important in friendship. You should be able to tell your friend all your secrets and know that they will go to their grave with them if requested. Being supportive makes you a good friend as well. Knowing that you friend will stand behind you regardless of what you choose is important. Honesty is absolutely essential to maintaining a friendship. If you can’t trust your friends to tell you the truth, they shouldn’t be your friends. Being a comfort to your friends in their time of need is important as well. You friends need to know that you will give them a hug when needed or come over on a moments notice to eat ice-cream. Reliability is really important to being a good friend. If your friends can’t trust you to show up for their important events, it can sometimes negate your other good qualities. Being fun and share your friends interest. Having a good time with your friends over the years, creates the memories that last you a lifetime. Love is another important aspect to longevity in friendship. After being friends with someone for years they should be like family to you.

Friends are very hard to come by these days. Finding a friend that you can get along well and you can talk about anything is pretty rare. These days, people tend to be selfish and dishonest, so it is very hard to find a person who is your true and sincere friend. To find a good and honest friend, you need to find these 3 secret qualities in that person! If they have all those qualities, then you can say that they are your good friend!

1. Good Friends are honest!

You know you have a good friend that always tells the truth to you. They always tell the truth to you, even though you may not like it or disagree with it. In fact, a true test to see if they are honest is to ask them what they don’t like about you. If they tell you many things that is correct, then this person is your true friend!

2. A excellent friend is a person that you can trust!

A good friend is always a person that you can trust for anything. That is, if you tell a secret to this person, he will keep his promise and never tell anyone!

3. A great friend is a person who you can respect!

If a person doesn’t respect you, then this person is not your friend. For instance, if he doesn’t respect your opinions in general about life, then this person is not your friend. If he keeps questioning everything you do, then this means there is no respect at all. A good friend respects each other!


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