Baby crossed 8 n 1/2 Months

My Baby has crossed 81/2 Months. Her development phase is filled with excitement and thrill! She Loves to go on playing for hours! She literally refuse to go to sleep to play a little more! It is fun time for her and a moment of frustration for me!but still I am happy to do any thing for her. The most memorable moment of the entire development process is my baby’s intentions to walk down the floor while holding on to a steady, but movable object! Right now, my cute baby start developing a mind of her own and she uses it with good effect too! At last, there are some visible signs of my child seeking some independence.

Baby now trying raises herself to a standing and upright position from sitting down. She can stand alone and steady while holding on to someone like chair. She can also walk on her own while holding on to moving furniture. She manipulates and probes every part of an object with a keen mind. Baby observes people and pay attention to their activities. She is effectively doing 2 things at the same time. She easily identifies the direction in which a particular object is lying on the floor.

Baby’s babbling is likely to include chains of sounds, such as “ba-ba-ba.” even pick out an occasional “mama” or “dada.”She splits , she murmurous alot , were ever i go she just come back of me …….

Love u Sia


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  1. This is my fav post of your blog. God bless her.

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